About Us

Our team is located in Elk Grove, California, and consists of students from Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD). Our team participates in the First Robotics Competitions (FRC) sponsored by FIRST Inspires. We are called team 3859, Wolfpack Robotics in the competition, and participate in the surrounding area of California.

What Is FRC?

The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a thrilling extracurricular activity for high school students. FRC teams are given six weeks to build a robot that can complete specific tasks assigned for the competition. The competition brings together teams from across the globe to compete in a game that changes every year, requiring teams to think outside the box and innovate under pressure...

Join team 3859

Join us and be a part of an innovative and dynamic community of students who are passionate about robotics and technology. Whether you're interested in programming, mechanical engineering, or business, our team provides a fun and challenging environment where you can apply your skills and learn from experienced mentors.

What We Do


We transform concepts into detailed robot blueprints, shaping the future of competition robotics.


Where raw materials become robot masterpieces. Our job is shaping and machining the components that drive our team's success.


where code transforms robots into intelligent beings. Witness algorithms in action, powering precision, strategy, and excitement in competitions.

Public Outreach

Through workshops, events, and community involvement, we ignite sparks of curiosity and inspire the next generation of STEM enthusiasts.

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  • Located in HF-5
  • Meeting days are Thursdays from 5:30 – 8:30 PM