Join The Wolfpack: Explore Different Roles


Get hands-on with cutting-edge design software to create and visualize the robot of the future. As a CAD designer, you’ll work closely with the team to bring innovative concepts to life, ensuring precision and functionality in every component. 


Be at the forefront of robot construction. As part of the manufacturing team, you’ll transform raw materials into the mechanical marvel that is our competition robot. Your attention to detail and craftsmanship will be key to our success on the field. 


Put your engineering skills to work by assembling the intricate pieces of our robot puzzle. From connecting circuits to ensuring seamless mechanical integration, you’ll play a vital role in the birth of our robotic creation. 


The brain behind the brawn – as a programmer, you’ll breathe life into our robot through code. Take the lead in developing the algorithms and commands that guide our machine to victory, using your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. 


Passionate about spreading the excitement of robotics? Join our outreach and publicity team to engage with the community, organize events, and showcase our journey. Your creativity will help us share the magic of robotics with the world. 


Take the helm on the competition stage as a robot driver. Your quick reflexes, strategic thinking, and teamwork will be put to the test as you navigate our robot through the challenges of the game, aiming for victory. 

Competition Teams


Become the eyes and ears of the competition! As a scouter, you’ll analyze matches, strategize, and provide real-time insights to our drive team. Your keen observation skills will contribute to our game plan and enhance our chances of victory. 

Pit Crew

The heartbeat of the competition – join the pit crew and dive into the heart of the action. From rapid repairs to on-the-fly adjustments, your agility and technical prowess will keep our robot in top shape throughout the competition. 

Drive Team

Step into the spotlight as a member of the drive team. Whether you’re at the controls as the main driver or calling the shots as a coach, your decision-making under pressure and precision driving will be crucial in achieving our competitive goals. 

Join us now and be part of an innovation-filled journey. No matter your background or experience, there's a place for you on our team. Let's unleash innovation together!